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At Custody Action UK, our team is constantly dealing with judges, lawyers, professional experts and parents who have all been caught up in custody and visitation disputes in one way or another. Some of these have been simple cases, but many have been long-lasting, complex and bitter.

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the number of clients who have been subjected to an array of unjust, immoral and legal tactics that often prove to be very effective in Courts of England and Wales. You will need to learn to identify these strategies, and more importantly, to turn them to your advantage. We are constantly shocked to find how many intelligent, loving and wise parents (some of them family lawyers), either retreat or counter-attack in the face of such techniques neither of which leads to a happy outcome.

As a result of our experience, we have gathered a huge amount of information on the various techniques that may be used to prevent you from protecting your child.

Our extensive experience has taught us that child custody and visitation cases are not won or lost at the Court Hearing itself, but in the correct compilation of the legal application. Furthermore, we do not think it is always necessary to have a legal representative present at Court in fact, engaging the services of a non-specialist lawyer can be a huge disadvantage. When representation is required, we can arrange for a specialist lawyer to act for you on the day, at a fraction of the cost of an average lawyer.

This approach leaves you, the parent, in control of the process, the costs, the decisions, and the general conduct of the case. In our experience, an informed caring parent is far more effective at securing a positive outcome than any non-specialist high street lawyer.

Our unique approach has enabled us to secure a 58% success rate for fathers seeking custody of their children compared to a mere 4% in cases conducted by high street lawyers. Furthermore, our packages cost on average a few hundred pounds compared to £9,000 in cases conducted by high street lawyers.

If you are looking for a highly successful yet cost effective solution to a custody or visitation dispute, then order any of our three packages now. You will be provided with an emergency telephone number giving 24/7 access to a specialist advisor who can provide powerful advice on what to do next. Don't leave it until it's too late. Act Now!

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