DIY action pack - £77

Applying for child custody doesn’t have to be a costly process, with our DIY download action service. Your custody application can be initiated online now for just £77 using our quick, simple and comprehensive download pack.

All our packs are prepared by qualified family law lawyers – not "legal assistants" or "paralegals". The guides contained within them explain the custody process in simple, straight forward terms and include step-by-step instructions on which forms to send, along with examples of how they should be completed.

No other online custody provider offers this quality of pack for this price – Guaranteed!

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personalised action pack - £247

Custody Action UK can take over the entire application process for you on your behalf! Simply complete our online questionnaire, and we quite simply do the rest for you with our personalised action service!

Based on the answers given in your questionnaire, our Custody Action UK case managers will write your negotiation letter on your behalf to attempt to settle your custody battle out of court, whilst still completing all legal documentation on your behalf.

All your court forms will be completed for you saving you the time and hassle of trying to understand legal jargon. Our experienced Custody Action UK case managers are on hand to answer any concerns or queries you may have.

No other online custody provider offers this level of service for this price – guaranteed! We believe we’ve produced the, simplest, best quality online custody solution available in the UK.

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lawyer action pack - £387

If you don’t want the stress of filling in forms or trying to understand legal procedures, you should consider our unique lawyer action service.

Simply complete our online questionnaire, and your very own family law lawyer does the rest! No more "pay by the hour" lawyer fees, just a straight forward, fixed fee arrangement!

Your very own personal lawyer will try to negotiate your requirements out of court on your behalf, and All the custody forms you need are completed for you, and then checked by your allocated lawyer, before being sent on to you by email or post – and all for just £387!

No other online custody provider offers this quality of service for this price. If, within 30 days of purchase, you find another UK online custody product that offers the same lawyer-backed service as ours, for less money, we will give you a no-quibble 100% refund – and that’s a PROMISE!

And…you can download our e-book ‘Guide to Successfully Obtaining Custody’ by R. G. Lewis absolutely FREE!

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