Any use of Custody Action UK online services is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1) Jurisdiction

  1. All documentation and advice contained in the Custody Action UK website relates to proceedings lodged in family law courts in England & Wales and not in any other region of the United Kingdom - or outside the United Kingdom.
  2. The Custody Action UK documentation has no jurisdiction, or legality, in countries; such as members of the European Union, or the United States, or Canada..
  3. This agreement is covered by the Laws of England & Wales. Any rights, not expressly granted herein, are reserved. These terms and conditions will not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

2) Limitations

  1. Custody Action UK provides clients with documents and advice on the completion of documents required to initiate claim proceedings in England & Wales.
  2. Custody Action UK does not supply actual, or general legal advice in such proceedings, and no such legal advice should be implied in the use of this these services.
  3. Custody Action UK does not accept liability, or responsibility, for any additional advice that clients seek in conjunction with the company’s documentation and/or advice.
  4. Custody Action UK does not accept any liability in relation to any actual proceedings issued by clients.
  5. Custody Action UK provides documentation on the understanding that its clients are acting in person in relation to application proceedings.
  6. Custody Action UK provides documentation for parental rights applications in England & Wales only.
  7. Documents and advice contained on the Custody Action UK website are not made available for any other purposes.

3) General

  1. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of Custody Action UK’s documents and advice, clients must observe that, in the majority of cases, the documents and advice need to be tailored to suit each client’s particular circumstances.
  2. It is a condition of using the Custody Action UK website that clients accept that the documentation they purchase is suitable to be used by them in conjunction with proper and appropriate advice and be adapted for their specific requirements.
  3. Custody Action UK does not accept any responsibility or liability for any losses sustained by its users.
  4. If a Court of Law later decides that any part of this disclaimer is unreasonable, or cannot be enforced for any reason, that decision will not affect or relate to any other parts of the disclaimer; which will be enforced, or continue to be enforceable, in any circumstance.

Privacy Policy

Custody Action UK is committed to protecting the privacy and identity of its users. Custody Action UK will only use information collected in the process of any transactions in a strictly lawful manner - in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Custody Action UK will not use any client emails to contact clients once any transaction has been completed - other than in accordance with a query from the client.* Email addresses will not ever be provided to any third party.

Clients should be aware that Custody Action UK retains no information relating to any client’s credit card details. This information is only retained by the independent Merchant Service Provider.


Custody Action UK reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of business and disclaimers relating to its website service.

* Clients may receive emails about related products or services that Custody Action UK thinks they may find of interest.

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