Last year we processed over 2,500 parental rights applications – more than all other online legal providers combined.

No other company comes close to matching these figures. That’s because:

  • Custody Action has the largest, most experienced online legal team in the industry
  • Custody Action uses the most efficient document processing software in the industry
  • Custody Action operates out of the largest, most modern premises for online companies in the UK

Our parental rights team is headed by two lawyers, each one a family law expert. While some rivals are run by paralegals, Custody Action firmly believes that your interests can only be best served by drawing upon the legal capability offered by fully qualified legal practitioners.

Therefore, as every legal application is overseen by a lawyer, you can have total confidence that every legal document we send is always accurate and legally correct.

Additionally, 2,500 instructions a year means that the rest of our parental rights team are now unparalleled in experience. The benefit to you is that telephone or email queries are answered by the most knowledgeable staff in the business, and every document is expertly double-checked before its release.

Need another reason to use Custody Action?

You will not find a faster legal document provider in the UK!

The tens of thousands of parental rights applications processed means that our unique online application software is arguably the most efficient and reliable anywhere, allowing us to deliver court documentation up to three times faster than our competitors.

None of our rivals can make this claim!

Quite simply, Custody Action's experience, expertise and efficiency has made us the most trusted and best known brand in the industry – no wonder we helped to facilitate around 10% of all UK parental rights applications last year.

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