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A Guide to Successfully Obtaining Child Custody
by R G Lewis Phd

‘A Guide to Successfully Obtaining Child Custody’ is required reading for anyone who may be attempting to obtain full custodial rights, access orders or parental responsibility orders and agreements. Once a court application has been submitted, this book will continue to answer your questions that will inevitably develop as your case progresses through the court system.

This eBook explains the family law court process from start to finish and provides coping strategies for dealing with the entire experience.

This advice-filled guide covers every aspect of making a parental rights application, including:

  • Preparation for the case
  • Parenting plans and their role
  • Standards for the best interest of the Child
  • Change of custody against modifying visitation
  • Wishes of Children
  • Role of Grandparents and Stepparents
  • Accusations of abuse
  • Domestic violence accusations

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