Here's what the press are saying about parentall rights:

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail

Judges to decide whether father of baby boy should be given the right to know his child exists after mother abandoned him

Lord Justice Thorpe ordered that the case must be heard quickly to determine the baby boy's future.

Judges are to decide whether the father of a baby boy should be given the right to know that his child exists.

Their ruling will settle whether the child is brought up by his father and a mother who abandoned him...

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Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph

Child custody reforms stop short of 50:50 access

Parents who divorce would not be guaranteed equal access to their children under plans unveiled by the Government.

Ministers want to ensure children see both their parents after a separation, but stopped short of Tory demands to give parents an automatic right to 50:50 access.

The Government has proposed changing the law after arguing that the current rules do not work...

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The Guardian

Britney Spears loses custody of her children

Photographers try to get a shot of Britney Spears through the back window of a Los Angeles City Fire Department ambulance.

A US judge has awarded sole custody of Britney Spears' two children to ex-husband Kevin Federline and suspended the singer's visitation rights.

The court in Los Angeles issued the ruling after Spears was arrested and stretchered away from her home by ambulance earlier today after refusing to hand her children over to Federline...

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The Times

The Times

Blunkett wins first court battle with lover over access to 'my son William'

DAVID BLUNKETT yesterday won the first round of a court battle with his pregnant former lover over access to her two-year-old son.

Kimberly Quinn, who is 28 weeks pregnant, had claimed her physical and mental health were at “significant risk” after Mr Blunkett applied for a contact order over the boy, William, whom he believes he fathered.

But a High Court judge dismissed Mrs Quinn’s call for a delay until her second child is born and allowed the case in the Family Division to go ahead. Mr Justice Ryder said that the court must secure the rights of the existing child in a decision that...

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The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Unmarried fathers get equal rights as a parent

MEN who father children outside marriage are to be given the same parental rights as married fathers, the Government announced yesterday.

The change will mean that unmarried fathers who sign the birth register with the baby's mother will automatically be given the same parental responsibility. About 180,000 fathers a year will benefit from the move, which is designed to encourage parents, whether married or not, to recognise their responsibilities to their children.

The reform also reflects changes in a society in which more than a third of children are born to unmarried couples. Under the present law, married parents have equal rights to take decisions about the upbringing of their children. But where...

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