For just £387 our lawyer action service includes the personal services of your very own family law expert lawyer to double-check that your application is valid before you send it off to your local county court.

The lawyer action service includes:

  • All Your Claim Forms Completed Automatically For You Online.
  • All Your Forms Double-Checked by a Qualified Family Law Lawyer.
  • All Forms – ALL the relevant legal documentation you’ll require to complete your application.
  • FREE Consultation – Have no doubts whether our service is right for you, please contact our FREE phone customer service centre.
  • FREE Email / Phone Support – Free support and case-related advice throughout the entire procedure. (Lines open Monday to Thursday 9am to 9pm, Friday 9am to 5.30pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm.)
  • FREE Case Tracking – Your case manager can provide you with FREE updates as to the status of your application.
  • FREE Legal Updates – Immediate notification of any changes to documentation requirements or family laws.
  • FREE Postage – Unlike other companies, we won’t charge extra to post any documents out to you.
  • FREE e-book – Guide to Successfully Obtaining Custody by R. G. Lewis.
  • No Risk Guarantee – Unbeatable 100% no quibble, money back refund!

You won’t need to rack up hourly expensive high street lawyer costs, and you don’t need to understand lawyers’ jargon or fill in complicated legal forms – all you’ll need are a few minutes of your time and a few personal details to complete our online questionnaire. Then choose whether to receive your completed forms by email or first class post (free of charge).

This service gives you the security of knowing that an expert is assisting in your claim from start to finish – throughout the whole process – from initiating your application up until you have your case heard.

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Example of Our Simple, Easy to Use Forms

Below is an example of our easy-to-use questionnaire, which you will be able to access as soon as your payment is authorised:

Your full name:
Your date of birth:
Your address:
Existing parent with custody/parental responsibility:
Existing parents address:
Do you have any concerns regarding the child’s safety and wellbeing? yes

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Compare How Much You Can Save by Using Custody Action UK

A High Street lawyer may charge you £150 per hour (plus VAT), and is likely to need to spend approximately 20 hours compiling your case in total:

  • Lawyers fees £3,000.00
  • Total Costs £3,000.00*

*plus court fees

Compare the cost of our service:

  • Our fixed price service option: £387
  • Total Costs £387*

*plus court fees

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