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Are you concerned about ex-partners harassing you as a result of your parental rights application?

You can initiate an injunction order preventing someone acting against you now for as little as £60, and if the offender continues to act the same way - they could face up to 5 years in prison!

Last year, over 2,500 people in the UK used Injunction Direct to initiate a range of injunction applications including Non-molestation Orders, Occupation Orders, Common Law Injunctions, and Anti Harassment Injunctions.

We know that taking out an injunction is a big step, but our experienced legal team can provide all the essential documentation, advice and support you will need to apply for your injunction quickly and efficiently with the least amount of stress or expense.

There isn't a simpler, more complete injunction package available in the UK. You can initiate your injunction online in less than 3 minutes and save potentially £1000s.

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